15 Handy Tricks to Master Google Photos

Google Photos not only backs up the photos you take on your tablet or smartphone. It has a feature that allows you to back up your photos in other apps such as Instagram and Facebook among others. You can easily choose which devices to enable back up on the settings menu.

9. Animate photos

This is another simple trick that makes your photo gallery much more entertaining. The ability to create collages, slideshows, animation, and movies from your photos becomes very simple. All you need is to work with the ‘assistant section’ where you get cards of suggestions for making different animations or collages. This Google auto creation makes photo editing exciting.

10. Testing your search option

It is important to understand how to use this. It comes in handy when you are searching for videos and images that are similar to what you are looking for. Play with the search option but only search in the Google Photos using common and obscure names.

11. Share and unshare

Google Photos comes with a unique feature that simplifies the sharing of photos and videos. This is through a link that easily shares either one image or a bunch of them. It is important to review them regularly so that you get rid of those ones that are no longer required. It is easily done through the shared links icon on the app.

12. View your photos and videos in Google Drive

This is one of the tricks that anyone using Google Photos should know. You can easily view your photos and videos through the photos interface. This feature comes in handy especially if you already have a lot of text on your Google Drive.

13. Send videos to YouTube

This is another trick that makes sharing of videos fast and easy. Google Photos has an option to import photos and videos directly to your YouTube channel. It also gives the option to add a title, to tag and to share them.

14. Make stories from photos

This feature makes Google Photos very interesting. The stories are often like guided albums that have captions. This is easily done through mobile apps. The process involves selecting relevant pictures, adding captions and locations to give more information.

15. Change your view

Changing your view mostly involves zooming in and out to view your images better. This is sometimes done by using your two fingers. However, Google Photos gives an easier option of doing the same. The service allows you to change the view of the mobile app so you can get a comfortable view.

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